Daniela Botur

Creating Sacred Space with Crystal Singing Bowls



Amplify Your Intention


Small Group Gatherings

Whether it’s a small business workshop or a special family function, Daniela facilitates creating a high vibrational space that supports deeper, aligned connection.

Large Retreats

Are you bringing large groups of people together from across the world to connect? Let Daniela create a cohesive, uplifting container to maintain focus, amplify intention and enable an upward spiral of energy.

Weddings & Celebrations

From weddings to baby showers to birthdays and beyond, Daniela offers a unique opportunity to honor these special moments in a way that creates deeper intimacy and lasting memories.


Raise Your Vibration


Reserve Your Experience

Want to explore the infinite possibilities of how we can co-create together? Let’s personalize an experience that is unique to you.

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